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Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.

- Rachel Carson, Silent Spring -

In her new position as a Biotech CEO and Founder, Susan leads her teams with her heart on her sleeve and her values always close at hand. She drives momentum forward, while always making ethical and sustainable choices. Her ventures utilize the power of nature to help the people and the planet prosper. 

Origen Air
Sustainable Business
Susan Blanchet Origen Air

Smart, living, air purifiers

Susan discovered Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, in her late teens, which gave her a deeper understanding of the dangers of environmental toxins. She wrote a 75 page paper in third year law school on contaminated sites and the devastating affect of an 80 % slash to existing regulations, by the 2002 Campbell government, on the regulation of toxins seeping into the environment. Susan’s dad, a civil engineer, was diagnosed with early onset dementia in 2003. After thirteen long years, Susan’s father passed away from this horrible disease and the more she devoured literature on dementia, other autoimmune disorders, and long-term health problems all cases linked to toxins present in the environment. Susan became more aware of the issue of indoor air pollution and the silent killer. Having spent 14 years practising negligence law, she was convinced the law courts held no recourse, proving duty of care and a causal link was impossible, or too remote, when the damage occurred over more than a decade. 

Shortly thereafter, Susan was also diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis (inflammation) that attacks the spine, shoulders, and sacrum. She had spent 14 years inside a perfectly sealed building or court room. It was clear archaiac HVAC and ASHRAE standards had to change. 


After meeting her partner Andrew Crawford, who formerly worked with living walls, the two decided it was time to create a new generation of smart, living air purifiers. They procured a 10 year global license to exclusively distribute genetically engineered golden pothos ivy,  developed over 15+  years at the University of Washington, as part of an air purifier to metabolize toxins from the air. With the help of their team of engineers, they combined these specialized plants, UV-C light sterilization and probiotic fogging to create their flagship living air purifier - the SENTINEL. Their goal is to develop an Air Farm H-VAC integrated unit, called the CANOPY, which will reduce a building’s emissions by up to 40% in line with Kyoto Protocol and Paris Accord Goals. For more information on the company, visit

Activated probiotic defense

Origen Clean came to be as a pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic, when prototype development of Origen Air was halted. Their mission is to restore a healthy microbial balance into spaces that have been heavily sanitized. With their probiotic formula and Cannon Clean dispersal technology, they fog spaces with probiotics for better human health and wellness. For more information, visit

Origen Clean