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Meet Susan

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it

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entrepreneur, philanthropist

and inspirational sustainability speaker

Susan holds a double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies as well as a Law degree. After completing her education, she served as Senior Legal Counsel for 14 years with a specialization in environmental law in addition to general litigation practice.
While still practicing law, Susan sold real estate and started a renovation company.


Feeling unsatisfied with the impact of her work, she went to Cambodia and began teaching English. After seeing the poor conditions that the young students were learning in, she purchased a property and fundraised to build a new school.

Now, she is the CEO and founder of a sustainable cleantech company. Origen Air uses the power of nature to boost human health, well-being, and productivity with its biophilic air purifiers.

Susan enjoys sailing the local gulf islands, reading, coaching soccer, and exploring the beautiful forests, beaches, and oceans near her home in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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