Meet Susan

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it

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entrepreneur, philanthropist

and inspirational sustainability speaker

Susan is the person who has ran around the world twice before most people have finished their morning coffee. She holds a double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies and a Law degree, all which she funded by working late nights as a waitress. She then served as Senior Legal Counsel for 14 years, all the while being a single mother to 3 young boys. On a rare two weeks off she took a solo trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia and ended up funding the construction of an English school. She’s just that kind of person.


Now, as the CEO and founder of two sustainable biotech companies, Susan is following her true passion and using her hustle to help the planet. Origen Air and Origen Clean use the power of nature to boost human health, wellness, and prosperity. Each day, she leads her team by advocating for change and inspiring hope for a brighter future. And she’s not afraid to get down to business - she believes that it is possible to simultaneously better the planet and the bottom line. 


Throughout her accomplished career, Susan has picked up many tips and tricks on how to stay positive despite adversity, how to grow a green business, and how to find success as a female professional. She continues to motivate audiences and share her go-getter attitude. 


In her spare time, Susan sails the local gulf islands, devours literature, coaches soccer, and explores our beautiful forests, beaches, and oceans. She lives in Victoria, BC Canada. 

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